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About Pranic Healing

Almost all physical ailments are caused by mental or emotional imbalances or vice versa. Pranic Healing treats the disease as a whole for total cure. We go to the root cause of the ailment.

Distance Healing

A very powerful aspect of Pranic healing is the ability to heal without the physical presence of the patient. Healing can be done even if the patient is thousands of miles away.

Preventive Healing

One of the greatest benefits of pranic healing is preventive healing. The Pranic Healer can detect the disease much before it manifests in the physical body and can remove the root cause of the ailment from the aura / chakras and replenish it with prana (life force energy).

Holistic or Integrated Approach in Healing

Written by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Although Pranic Healing can produce many amazing results, it has its limitations. Proper Diet and physical exercise are also neccessary. At times, the intake of herbs or medicinal drugs, change in lifestyle, emotional therapy or surgery is required. It is important to maintain one's objectivity and to have proper perspective of what the other types of healing can do. Fanatacism and going to the extremes should be avoided.

Link to main Pranic Healing website Pranic Healing International

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